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2015 Review - Harris Social Recap

We had quite the year here at Harris. Our 5 regions had record breaking seasons. Our products, services and solutions have been utilized from Maine to the Carolinas, serving contractors, construction companies and homeowners alike. We added more people to our teams, upgraded facilities and experienced healthy business growth which we do not take for granted. Our focus on customer service, quality products and having the right team members in the right positions helped increase customer satisfaction and improved our word-of-mouth brand recognition and perception. 2015 also saw some significant growth in our online communities. All our social media channels increased not only in size, but also in engagement. Some highlights.


Between January 2015 and now, January 2016, our communities grew as follows:

Facebook: from 314 to 615 (+299)

Twitter: from 656 to 1552 (+896)

Instagram: from 178 to 1406 (+1,228)

LinkedIn: from 553 to 913 (+360)

Google Plus: from 60 to 107 (+47)

Total: from 1761 to 4593 (+2,832)

Our most engaging Facebook posts reached hundreds (in some cases thousands) of people, our tweets are seen by about 30k people each month, our best Instagram pictures got between 30-50 'likes' on a regular basis and an average blog article hundreds of views. In 2015 we published 64 blog posts, experimented with some more videos clips on YouTube and increased our website traffic by close to 30% year over year. Our fans and followers have strong construction backgrounds (about 75% of them) and enrich the conversations that are happening online with their expertise. We also fixed our online listings in various directories and made sure its easier than ever to find our locations or contact us. We have been working on a new and improved website which is currently getting tested and will be launched over the next few weeks. 2016 is going to be another BIG YEAR for us - Harris is celebrating 100 years in business! Throughout 2016 we will have many topics and activities surrounding our Century of Service celebrations. Stay tuned, connect with us via your favorite social media channels and check in with your local Harris branch. As always, we cannot wait to hear your feedback and improvement ideas. We can only be successful if we help you to be successful.




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