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Our graduate & intern programs are an integral part of operations here at Harris. Our goal is to help young, educated and passionate people taking their first steps into rewarding careers within the industry. From day one, our graduates and interns, in both temporary and permanent roles, are a genuine part of our team and treated like family. They gain valuable insights into real world problems and solutions while helping us stay close to our community and new trends. Some of our interns start working for us once they finish school/college. They bring fresh ideas to the table and help a century old business stay ahead of the innovation curve. You’ll be excited to hear it’s these next-generation workers who help drive change around here. But don't just take our word, let’s hear it from them!

Jack H.: "My internship in the Strategy department of A.H. Harris has been a very unique work experience. It has exposed me to the day to day decisions this company makes, and the rationale and reasoning behind those decisions. I have gotten to see, firsthand, many different aspects of the company on a daily basis. I have also had the opportunity to take ownership over tasks, such as sending out the daily sales report and putting together monthly data analysis for the executive summary. These tasks have given me skills in areas such as critical thinking and time management which I will take with me throughout the rest of my career."

Omally M.: "Throughout the summer, I had the privilege of interning for the Accounts Payable department at A.H. Harris & Sons Inc. Although this was not my first internship experience with the company, the A/P team welcomed me just as they have for the past two years. I was given all of my previous responsibilities to jump right into, as well as training in new areas of the department. Even though I am not pursuing a career in this field, being an intern here taught me how to take initiative to assist my department as best I can, whether it be keying invoices, auditing expense reports, coding bills, or even taking on additional summer projects. A.H. Harris has taught me to work hard regardless of the task at hand, along with the encouraging environment to do so."

Madison C.: "My internship with Kenseal has been a huge learning experience for me, and one I am very grateful for! As the summer marketing intern, I worked closely with Alyssa on a daily basis to cover all social media platforms and company news. I was also responsible for writing the project profiles featured on our website, and I really enjoyed researching the job site plans, communicating with the Kenseal salesmen to learn more about their roles in the various projects, and then promoting the finished profile on our social media channels. My favorite part of my internship was without a doubt the weekend I traveled to NYC to visit our Brooklyn location for a demo day. We were able to meet up with the Harris marketing team which was awesome, and I also got to meet people from the Kenseal Brooklyn and Long Island City department. Everyone I encountered was so friendly, and I really felt the sense of community between the Kenseal and Harris teams. My time interning here flew by, and I can't believe the summer is already over! I am so glad I had the opportunity to work for Kenseal this summer; I will definitely take the skills I learned with me into my senior year and beyond."

Meg B.: "This summer, I was lucky enough to work at A.H. Harris as a marketing intern. Coming into this experience, I was a little nervous knowing I had no construction background. I was quick to find though that you can still be an asset to the team without knowing everything about the industry. My main piece of advice that I would give any intern in any department of Harris would be to say yes to any and every opportunity. The great thing about interning at this company is that there are so many moments that allow for you to learn and experience new things. Even if the opportunity is something you’re unfamiliar with, or nervous about, say yes. There are so many people at Harris that are willing to help and answer questions; you’ll never be stuck on your own. Every opportunity is a learning experience, and when it comes down to it, that’s what interning is all about!"




Thank you so much for sharing your intern experience here at A.H.Harris. We appreciate all the hard work you've done, and wish you the best of luck as you all return to schoool! We hope we'll be able to welcome you back in the future! #HarrisPride

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