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A.H. Harris & Xypex – Strength Meets Strength in New England

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No question. A.H. Harris is the undisputed leader of building materials supply and service in the New England market – truly a position of strength worth celebrating (and indeed you are, with 100 years under your belt). We wanted you to know that Xypex Chemical Corporation also enjoys a position of strength with its line of crystalline concrete waterproofing and durability-enhancing products; Xypex leads the U.S. in specifications for crystalline waterproofing – more than all other competitors combined.

The opportunity is clear: Blending our mutual product and market strengths couldn’t be a better start, and we are pleased to be working with you in furthering the sales success of our concrete waterproofing and durability-enhancing Admix.

And, like you, Xypex works with all things concrete, including water holding structures, water treatment plants, general construction, foundations, tunnels, bridges, highways, power & utilities, marine, precast and more.

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Quick facts:

  • Xypex Crystalline Technology works from within the concrete, plugging pores and capillary tracts to permanently block the penetration of water, sewage, and other aggressive chemicals, even under extreme hydrostatic pressure. 

  • Xypex Admix is blended into the concrete mix at time of batching, to waterproof and protect the concrete from the get-go. Our soluble bags are often a preferred approach of pre-casters and ready-mix contractors.

  • A.H. Harris will have exclusive rights to Xypex Admix products throughout Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Certainly, we welcome your enquiries. Xypex Chemical Corporation 




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