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AH Harris President & CEO Kim Corwin on the 5-year highway bill deal Congress reached today

Message from AH Harris President & CEO Kim Corwin on the 5-year highway bill deal Congress reached today:

"A 5 year Highway Transportation Bill is on its way through the House and the Senate after a decade of short term extensions. This is a momentous blast of momentum that is critical for the continued improvement of our overall economy as well as the vitality of the Construction Industry. Plain and simple, infrastructure investments create jobs. For every $1 of federal investment the return is $1.80-$2.00 of additional real goods and services produced. For every 3 construction jobs created – 5 more are created in other sectors of the economy.

This 5 year commitment gives developers, investors, manufacturers, construction firms, DOT’s, and yes, distributors like us, all a level of comfort that there will be funded long term projects, allowing all of us to invest in new equipment, training and additional hires as well as expansions into new territories. But even more import is the safety of our nation. The original Interstate System was designed to provide efficient modes of transportation for our military in times of national defense. Maintaining and upgrading our Infrastructure is paramount. In summary the bill calls for spending $205 billion on highways and $48 billion on transit projects over the next five years. It will be the first long term funding legislation since 2005! The ironic thing is that the bill will be called Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act or “The FAST Act”…..that took 10 years. I am grateful that Congress found a way to accomplish this much needed funding."

Kim Corwin Kim Corwin, A.H. Harris President & CEO


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