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Meet the Team Part 50: Steve Randall

By A.H. Harris May 2, 2017

Wow we have made it to part 50 of our Meet the Team series! We were happy to have a chance to..

Looking for Spring Projects? 5 areas in and around the house that need your attention right now.

By A.H. Harris April 27, 2017

Ah, Spring! Warmer days, longer evenings, more time to be outside. Get ready to fully enjoy the..

Meet the Team Part 49: Roberta Flanagan

By A.H. Harris April 25, 2017

In part 49 of our 'Meet the Team' blog series, we had the opportunity to speak with Roberta..

Meet the Team Part 48: Jason Perkins

By A.H. Harris April 20, 2017

Wow, we are up to part 48 in our Meet the Team series! We put the spotlight on Regional..

Better Together – One Year Later!

By A.H. Harris April 18, 2017

It’s hard to believe that a year has already past, since Kenseal joined forces with A.H. Harris..

Meet the Team Part 47: Christina Thomas-Walker

By A.H. Harris March 21, 2017

In part 47 of our 'Meet the Team' series we got to know more about Christina Thomas-Walker, a..

Branch Spotlight: Meet Kenseal's Beltsville Team!

By A.H. Harris March 16, 2017

Located right outside of our nation’s capital, Kenseal Beltsville has accomplished so much..

Meet the Team Part 46: Liza Wardwell

By A.H. Harris March 14, 2017

In Part 46 of the 'Meet the Team' series we chatted with Marketing Manager, Liza Wardwell. Liza..

Meet the Team Part 45: Evan Greenwood

By A.H. Harris March 7, 2017

We continue our successful "Meet The Team" program with Evan from our Richmond, VA office. We..

Meet the Team Part 44: Scott Baeschlin

By A.H. Harris March 2, 2017

In part 44 of our 'Meet the Team' series, we had the pleasure to speak with a member of Kenseal's


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