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Beyond the Gender Divide: the Importance of Embracing Change in the Construction Industry

Just in time for Women in Construction Week, we present another guest blog post from our friends at MachineryZone. This time their topic is gender diversity - or lack thereof - within our industry. While here at Harris, Kenseal and HarMac we are proud to have many great women in all areas of the organization, that may not be the case across the board for all companies in our business. As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.  

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"Although women have infiltrated most fields of employment today, there are still a few industries where they remain underrepresented. Construction is one of them, even though there is a growing shortage of skilled workforce in the sector. As the world keeps evolving and embracing workplace diversity and adapting to new technologies, the building sector may be starting to look a little “old-fashioned”. But what if the construction industry’s reluctance to include women, millennials and minorities in its workforce was only one facet of its restrictive approach to change and innovation?

Keeping the “We have always done it this way” mentality will eventually become detrimental to industry players, who constantly need to keep up with technological innovations, such as 3D modeling or building. The construction industry is facing many challenges today, some of which need to be overcome with innovative solutions in the areas of energy, environment and health. All intelligent building projects are indeed at the crossroads between energy transition, sustainable development and digital technologies. The transformation of the building sector requires this paradigm in order to shift and modernize its business strategy. The risk is that established construction companies who don’t adopt more creative approaches to construction projects will be overtaken by new and younger companies that will emerge and dominate the industry.

Construction professionals facing a need for innovation often consider the technological dimension of innovation but fail to realize that it can also encompass many other fields. For instance, it can include a modernization of the organizational, behavioral, financial and commercial structure of their company. The hiring process is therefore another field that requires innovation. As new skills appear in construction, new profiles are required to join the industry. Companies need the right profiles, people from diverse backgrounds and genders, who can truly be creative regarding how buildings can be designed and constructed. These new profiles, with a fresh view on the industry, are going to add value to the process. After all, it makes sense that the employees of a firm reflect the diversity of their customers.

Various professionals have already understood the importance of fostering human resources that include a diverse range of individuals. Diversity offers numerous advantages in the workplace. Team members with diverse minds can bring in their ideas regarding decision making and problem solving. New attitudes and processes that profit the entire company can therefore be introduced. When employees work together towards a common goal, it also builds up their synergy, loyalty and productivity, allowing construction companies to retain top talent. It creates an undeniable competitive edge. The more construction companies embrace diversity, the more candidates and clients from diverse backgrounds will embrace them." [Guest Blog Article by MachineryZone]

If you are also interested in guest blogging with A.H. Harris, please contact us. We are always looking for relevant, industry related content to share with our audience. Thanks!



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