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Everyone can buy our building products, not everyone can turn them into art. Meet Concrete Concepts & Designs! (Townsend, MA)

[Guest Blog Post by Tim Beausoleil of Townsend, MA based "Concrete Concepts & Designs". Enjoy!]

"Earlier this spring, prior to starting my seventeenth year in the concrete business, I took stock of where my company was, where it has been and where it was going. Unlike any great undertaking in life, it's often not the end result but the journey that defines success. As the owner of Concrete Concepts & Designs in Townsend, Massachusetts, there's been few service providers that have helped me grow my business, complete challenging and innovative projects on-time and under budget like the A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc. In fact, Harris has literally changed the landscape of decorative concrete. In a few short years, the designs and products have made their way into people's homes and the indoor spaces of business around the world. The idea that concrete can look and feel like nearly any traditional floor covering with a much wider choice of colors, textures and finishes is the most exciting concept our industry has seen in a long time.


For Concrete Concepts & Designs, it's important we become more knowledgeable and educated in this area of the industry. A vast majority of our customers are your everyday hard working families, and they have invested the time, money and trust in CC&D to expand or improve their living space. I take this extremely serious. When I meet with a client and discuss the range of choices for their project, the fact I have a major business partner as strong, knowledgabe reliable as A.H. Harris gives me the confidence to bring the most challenging of customer ideas to reality. When we start a project, it's important for the customer to know that we are there to provide a service, the project itself is theirs and I frequently ask for their input during the different phases to make sure the end results are exactly how they envisioned, if not more.

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Much of the work CC&D provides is decorative concrete, including exposed aggregate, staining/ dyeing, and of course stamped. If I had to choose a favorite outdoor concrete finish, I'd have to say stamped concrete. It allows me the ability to showcase some of our skills and techniques in turning the "nice" work, into "STUNNING" works of art. We recently provided a new backyard patio area with a built-in fire pit. The highlight or centerpiece of this project was something that many people would not expect to be a focal point. The steps that lead from our lower patio up to the pool deck were poured to look like granite, and I have to say they are beautiful! We decided that since the steps were going to be dead center and in full view from all angles, a regular set would not do it justice. I called Seth , from A.H. Harris Manchester, NH location, we discussed the options and came up with the best solution. Custom order step liners from Scofield was the answer. I ordered them on a Friday and they were in the Manchester office on the following Tuesday morning. Between the many stamp patterns, textures and colors, to the sealers, stains and dyes, A.H. Harris carries the best products and what they may not have in stock, they go above and beyond to get so we can continue to be among the best in our industry!

My guys are very confident, gifted and respectful. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can trust the team who are working with me, their sense of pride in representing Concrete Concepts & Design and the business as a whole, is not typically what you find these days. We have 4 finishers (including myself) that have over 10 years of experience in the art of decorative concrete applications. This is the reason why we are able to provide such beautiful, long lasting and unparalleled works!If I had 1 minute to talk to a potential customer and describe who we are and what we do?

We are a team of guys who have a passion for what we do to make a living, if you love something you do, chances are you will do it well! Concrete Concepts & Design loves creating new living space out of concrete for people to enjoy, and knowing that after we are done, our customers will be just getting started! 

In closing, I would like to take the time to thank A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc. for their passion, knowledge and customer support. It's not often that a large company that has been in business for a century take the extra time to get to know the men and women who buy the products they provide. We at Concrete Concepts & Design will continue to grow with the supplies and support of Harris."

Tim Beausoleil (President) Concrete Concepts & DesignCCND1.jpg

1 Jefts Street, Townsend, MA 01469, Mobile: 617.596.4598

Email: ||

Thanks so much Tim for giving us and our readers the opportunity to get to know your team, work and yourself. It's passionate craftsmen like you who keep us going. A.H. Harris can only be successful if we help you to be you successful. Thank you so very much for picking us as your supplier of choice!

Please make sure to visit Tim's website and follow his work on Facebook & Instagram. For more info on Decorative Concrete Supplies, visist our Harris website or your nearest branch.




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