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Construction at NEW "Dunkin' Donuts Park: Home of the Yard Goats" is Underway!

Being a part of a project, big or small, is always exciting for the A. H. Harris team. This year, we are thrilled to be involved with the construction of the new Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford, CT home of the Yard Goats. The Yard Goats name is ironically not named after the animal, but is it actually in tribute to the nickname of a Railroad Engine originally used on site in the early 1900’s. The job for this project was awarded to Centerplan Contractors of Middletown, CT in February 2015. The original job cost of this development was $56 million, part of a proposed $350 million Hartford Urban Development Plan. This past March, Harris’ Sales Account Manager at our Newington facility, Jay Pellegren, sat down with Centerplan superintendent Guy Murphy and President Dan Rossi to discuss our forming capabilities and materials. Forming and shoring specialist Rob LeClerc, had already completed a pre-bid proposal on the job and was prepared to discuss a possible rental of our signature forming solution and clamp system Harris 1500. On February 23, Russ Tooker, of the Harris Albany facility was accompanied by Branch Managers John Morin from Newington and Rob Cicero from New Haven to arrange a demo of Harris 1500 (our Harris 1500 demo trailer [] visits contractors and jobsites all across the East Coast). To our pleasure, they were impressed. A.H. Harris was able to secure the initial PO for the stadium formwork in April 2015. In May 2015, Dunkin’ Donuts purchased the naming rights to the stadium, making the official name, “Dunkin Donuts Park: Home of the Hartford Yard Goats”. This project will provide 18,000 temporary jobs for construction and development along with 1,000 permanent jobs at the venue. The stadium will have 18 luxury boxes and 6,000 general admissions seats. Harris materials for the project will go towards the forming of the interior and exterior walls of the stadium, as well as the dugout and scoreboard. In addition to the forming and shoring rentals, A.H. Harris is also supplying:


  • Concrete buckets & chutes
  • Form release agents
  • Concrete sealers
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Waterproof membranes
  • Hand tools
  • Geotextile fabrics
  • Concrete vibrators
  • Waterstops & adhesives


According to Jay Pellegren, “Construction is progressing nicely, we are probably about ¼ of the way in”. The new stadium will hold activities such as concerts and conventions and of course, baseball games. Construction must be complete by March 2016 for the first scheduled game on April 14, 2016. A.H. Harris is thrilled to be involved with a project in Connecticut, seeing as it is the birth-place of our company (founded 1916 in New Britain, CT []). We cannot wait to see the final product and look forward to the Yard Goat’s season! Visit for the Hartford Yard Goat's 2016 schedule. To see pictures of the construction at the park visit our Instagram and Facebook page!


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