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Customer Appreciation Week Recap

Throughout the past couple months, each week, different Harris locations have been holding Customer Appreciation WeeksCustomer Appreciation Week is a time for us to give a special thanks to those who choose Harris as their trusted supplier for building products and constructiuon supplies. It is also a time to come together and celebrate accomplishments, hard work and bonds that have been made. It’s easy to say you appreciate someone’s business, but here at A.H. Harris, we want to show how much we appreciate your business with us. 

An important part of our Customer Appreciation Weeks is our vendors!  Often times, vendors will set up display tents with product samples and demos which allow customers to learn more about different products Harris carries.        






And of course, what’s a Customer Appreciation event without food?! In our Syracuse location, coffee, donuts, water, Gatorade, soda, hotdogs/hamburgers and ice cream were offered each day of the week. In Charlotte, there was even a snow cone truck!cook.jpg








Another important part of our Customer Appreciation Weeks is the raffles!  In our Auburn location, raffle tickets were sold for 2 months prior to their Customer Appreciation Week, which helped them raise over $100 to support the Worcester Food Bank charity.  Raffle prizes can include anything from flat screen televisions to tickets to sporting events to construction products and more! There are also always tons of giveaways such as t-shirts, koosies, DoRags, key chains, and more!tv_raffle.jpgraffle_prizes.jpg







We hope you enjoy learning more about our team! Find and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and GooglePlus. Feedback and comments are encouraged as always! #WeAreHarris



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