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Sustainable value of concrete:

  • It is strong and durable, resistant to deterioration and damage.
  • It buffers temperature, and can be used to work with passive solar energy to heat or cool spaces.
  • It buffers sound.
  • It is versatile, allowing a large range of shapes, textures, and structural approaches to create the function, look, and feel appropriate to the project.
  • It is also versatile in the flexibility of component materials, a quality which both extends the range of performance properties – insulation, permeability, and strength – and allows variation in the resources used to produce it.

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Tilt-Up construction offers a number of benefits toward sustainable, environmentally responsible design. For instance,

  • Cast in place minimizes transportation costs.
  • Thermal mass of tilt-up eliminates the need for insulation.
  • The large panels require less energy and labor for erection and finishing.
  • And tilt-up buildings can be designed to accommodate change, with panels that are easy to move, remove and reuse, or even recycle if necessary.

A.H. Harris carries a variety of Green Building Products, for example:

American Excelsior

  1. Curlex®NetFree: a SUSTAINABLE ECB without netting and made from BIODEGRADABLE wood fibers
  2. Curlex Sediment Log®: SUSTAINABLEproducts to filter runoff, retain sediment and dissipate flows using BIODEGRADABLE excelsior fibers
  3. Recyclex®TRM and Recyclex® TRM-V: made from RECYCLED soda bottles

Sonoco Sonotubes – utilizes recycled materials, see


  • Low emitting materilas such as Starseal Clear concrete hardener and sealer
  • Optimized energy performacnce such as Certi-Shine
  • Both products are also made of recycled content

Talk to your local Harris Construction Supplies store for more info about LEED certified solutions, sustainable construction and green building material.



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