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Harris Partner Profile: Perma-Patch

by A.H. Harris

We want our construction community to learn more about our Harris vendors and let them share their story. That's why we are running our "Partner Profiles" blog series. Today, we're thrilled to feature our friends at Perma-Patch. Their product is one of our customer favorites, easy to use & a great value. The parent company of Perma-Patch, National Paving and Contracting Company, was formed in 1929 in Baltimore, Maryland and rapidly became one of the leading general contracting and road pavers in the State of Maryland. National Paving evolved from a contracting and paving company into a specialty road repair manufacturer when Perma-Patch was developed in the late 1970s. Perma-Patch is now distributed throughout the United States and International markets. Let's hear their story! 

Much has changed in the marketplace since 1929, however, our commitment to continued innovation and customer satisfaction remains steadfast. Perma-Patch is a proprietary, cold-patch, asphalt repair which is mixed and bagged on site at the Company’s Baltimore Headquarters. Perma-Patch’s revolutionary polymer technology surpassed existing cold patch materials with its long shelf life, ease of use and abilities to displace water and accept immediate traffic. However, the permanence and durability of Perma-Patch proved to be its most outstanding qualities. In a study by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) Perma-Patch was determined to be the most durable, long-lasting pothole and utility repair material available.

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As the momentum grew, Perma-Patch looked for new opportunities to develop business in the Northeast. Their introduction to A.H. Harris was somewhat accidental. Having competing products at a Massachusetts trade show in 2011, an A.H. Harris representative was impressed by how easy to apply and how effective Perma-Patch was in repairing potholes. Despite some initial hesitation, a product test was conducted and A.H. Harris top management was on board. What started as a grass roots rollout in the North New England region has blossomed and six years later, with Perma-Patch currently represented in all A.H. Harris locations, a wonderful working friendship has developed between our two companies. Perma-Patch would like to thank those key individuals who believed in them and took an educated chance on making Perma-Patch part of the A.H. Harris family of products!

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