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Meet the Team Part 58: Annemarie Williams

Today we introduce part 58 of our popular ‘Meet the Team’ Series! Annemarie Williams has been with us for over 5 years and is one of our Forming and Shoring Detailers in Charlotte, NC. She has accomplished so much in the time she has been here and continues to strive every day! Let’s hear what she has to say!


Annemarie (right) at the 2017 A.H. Harris Summit

Hi Annemarie! What is your role at Harris? 

For the past 5 years I have been the Forming and Shoring Detailer for A.H.Harris in Charlotte, NC

What lead you to a career with Harris?

I was living in Dallas, Texas with my family and was looking for a better opportunity. After a short conversation with a forming and shoring specialist I was flown in for an interview and 2 weeks later my family and I were living in Charlotte, NC and I was working for A. H. Harris and Sons!

That must have been quite the change! What was your first job ever?

You wouldn’t believe it! My first job was working for Baskin Robbins in St. Joseph, Michigan where I got the opportunity to Serve Mohammad Ali and Sinbad!

Wow, what are the chances! Can you describe Harris in three words?

Yes! Family. Compassion. Perseverance.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Harris so far? 

My biggest accomplishment with Harris was winning the Technical Excellence award after only working here for 1 ½ years! It feels amazing to be recognized for my work in such a short amount of time.

What an accomplishment! What is something working at Harris has taught you? 

Working with Harris has taught me how to handle even the toughest project with patience, knowledge and support from the team around me.

So far, what has been your favorite memory at Harris?

My best memory at Harris was the first summit when I was able to finally meet people within my FSD group as well as other salesmen whom I had been working with for months but had never had the opportunity to meet. Everyone met me with open arms and made me feel welcomed.

What does Harris Pride mean to you?

To me, Harris Pride means going beyond what is expected of you, always offering help and assistance when possible with a smile on your face, and encouraging others to be the best they can be.

Anything else about you? 

I am a loving mother of 2 children who constantly stay busy with their activities, entertaining friends and always looking for ways to help others.

Keep up the good work and thank you for taking this opportunity to speak with us, Annemarie!

Who should we feature next?! Make sure to check us out on social media to learn more about our teams, locations and projects and if you have any feedback or questions, make sure to leave a comment below!



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