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Meet the Team Part 56: Kevin Harp

Welcome to the next episode of our popular 'Meet the Team' interview series! Today we spoke with Kevin Harp, a member of the Sales Team at our New Haven, CT location. Kevin has been with us for almost 3 years now and works closely with customers on a day to day basis. Lets hear from Kevin!


Hey Kevin, thanks for talking with us today! What is your role at Harris? 

Hi! I'm based in New Haven, CT and I work with the Inside Sales and Outside Sales Team to make sure our customers get the right material as fast as possible.

What lead you to a career with Harris?

I actually happened to work for a competitor for years when I had noticed there was a new location being built in New Haven. Warren Reino (who also worked for the same competitor) and I kept in touch until there was an opening at Harris, and now here I am!

What was your first job ever?

My first job was working in a mail room, delivering mail internally for a Marketing Research Company in Westport, CT called Yankelovich Clancy Shulman.

Describe Harris in three words:

 Family. Pride. Togetherness.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Harris so far?

Selling $75K of Five Star Products to Gemma Power Systems for the Towantic Power Plant in Oxford, CT. Don't get to do those transactions every day. Great product and very happy customers though.

What is something working at Harris has taught you?

To always have your Harris coin on you or it could cost you, haha! [Every associate gets challenge coins when they start and for special occasions. At any point, usually at gatherings, you may get challenged to prove 'membership' to the Harris Pride. People who fail to present a coin will usually be expected to pick up the entire bill!]

Ha! Sounds like you are talking from experience! Speaking of which, so far, what has been your favorite memory at Harris?

Mud Volleyball! It was amazing to see how many people came together for a great cause, which is the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut. This past year we made it to the semi finals which was exciting. I encourage all Harris associates to join the Mud Lions next year and ask for customers and vendors to either join too or challenge us at the event! [more info here]

What does Harris Pride mean to you?

Harris Pride means that everyone comes and works together as a family. 

What a great perspective! Anything else about you?

In my free time I coach girls fundamental basketball from ages 8-11, and last year we won the championship in my first year coaching! Prior to that they did not win one single game. It was one of the best feelings to see them smile and work hard as a team!

How cool! Keep up the good work and thank you for your time, Kevin!

Who should we interview next? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to connect with us on your favorite social media channels for more looks behind the scenes.



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