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Meet the Team part 25: Ken Stevens

Number XXV of our ‘Meet the Team’ leadership spotlights. Today, I got the opportunity to interview Ken Stevens. Ken is the Northern New England Regional Sales Manager and strives to maintain a positive and dedicated work environment. On Facebook we run an album called “Faces & Places of AH Harris” and we also feature snapshots of our crew on Instagram. But we want to give some insights into who our company leaders are, what their background is and include some ‘personal touch’ that goes beyond what you would find on LinkedIn. Let’s hear it from Ken!


Northern New England Regional Sales Manager
Ken Stevens

What is your role at AHHarris?

I am the Northern New England Regional Sales Manager & have a great team of 15 Account managers, two Forming & Shoring specialists & one Estimator that report to me. Our team has a dynamic mix of seasoned veterans along with a great new crop of young, energetic guys that doing very well.

How long have you been with the organization?

I just celebrated my 29th year of employment in August.

Wow, congratulations! Have you always had a career in construction?

Yes, I started with Harris 2 months after graduating from Fitchburg State College, cut my teeth doing inside sales for 5 months in our old Medfield office, then was handed a road map & set of car keys & became an account manager ( it was baptism by fire.) After 18 years on the road, I assumed the role of division sales manager of the old Medfield division & later Regional manager of NNE.

What does “Harris Pride” mean to you?

First & foremost the pleasure & satisfaction of working my entire career for the best & most respected company in the industry & second would be they great team chemistry that all our people share.

What is the one thing you want our customers to know?

The loyalty & dedication that our employees have shows everyday in how we do whatever it takes to take care of our customers & make they are satisfied. Yes, sometimes we may fumble the ball, but someone is always there to pick it up & make things right!

What is your favorite memory at Harris?

Wow tough question, There are so many. But I’d have to say the personal & professional relationship I developed with “Brownie” ( AKA Old Brown Dog) an account manager that was 30 years my senior who took me under his wing & mentored me.

Any last words you want to share with our audience?

Just a sincere thanks for 29 great years & counting working for an industry leader & the many coworkers I call friends.

Who do you nominate for our next “Meet the Team” interview?

How about NNE Account Manager, Tom McCadden.

Great, I will reach out to Tom! Thank you for your time Ken, it was a pleasure to learn more about your role at Harris!




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