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Meet the Team Part 26: Bob Tetrault

Number XXVI of our ‘Meet the Team’ leadership spotlights. Today, I got the opportunity to interview Bob Tetrault. Bob is the Credit Manager of the Plainville branch and has been with the organization for over 8 years. On Facebook we run an album called “Faces & Places of AH Harris” and we also feature snapshots of our crew on Instagram. But we want to give some insights into who our company leaders are, what their background is and include some ‘personal touch’ that goes beyond what you would find on LinkedIn. Let’s hear it from Bob!


Credit Manager
Bob Tetrault

What is your role at AHHarris?

As Credit Manager for our most productive Division I am the chief sales enabler. Along with my team, I remove the hurdles that hinder business and bridge the gaps that keep relationships singing in harmony.


How long have you been with the organization?

I have been privileged to serve here at Harris for over 8 years.


Have you always had a career in construction?

No. I began my journey in Credit in the Meat Import/Export market shipping lamb and goats into the Caribbean, followed by a few years in the medical devices industry, and then 12 years working for AT&T Capital financing a broad spectrum of products to organizations of every size, structure, and sophistication. After that I entered the construction market and after several years joined the Harris Pride.

What does “Harris Pride” mean to you?

I see Harris Pride on two levels – the first is the sense of family and unity of purpose we share. Despite our inter-divisional rivalries, which are very healthy, we enjoy a real solidarity and willingness to all pull together to get the job done. The second aspect is the pride of satisfaction that comes from working for a quality company, providing true service and a real value to the marketplace.

What is the one thing you want our customers to know?

I want our customers to know that we value them, not just the numbers their business represents to us. We have been able on many occasions to step in and provide real help, valid counsel, and the flexibility to help our friends in the industry weather some difficult storms. We care.

What is your favorite memory at Harris?

My favorite memory is recalling the bold move we took as a company stepping out in one of the worst real estate markets and economic downturns and boldly leading as we upgraded many facilities and told the market that we were not retreating, but we were staking our claim and letting the competition know that we meant business.

Any last words you want to share with our audience?

As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” This is what sets us apart.

What a great quote to describe AHHarris. Thank you so much for taking time to speak with me, Harris Pride!



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