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Meet the Team Part 29: Rob Foster

Next installment of our A.H. Harris ‘Meet the Team’ leadership interview series. Part 29 already, wow! Today, I got the opportunity to speak with Rob Foster. Rob is our branch manager is Willistion, VT (make sure to check out their location spotlight too!). On Facebook we run an album called “Faces & Places of AH Harris” and we also feature snapshots of our crew on Instagram. But we want to give some insights into who our company leaders are, what their background is and include some ‘personal touch’ that goes beyond what you would find on LinkedIn etc. Get to know your Harris team, let’s hear it from Rob!


Branch Manager Rob Foster
Rob Foster


Good evening Rob. What is your role at A.H. Harris?

Hi Liza. I am the Branch Manager of the Williston division in Vermont.

How long have you been with the organization?

I have been with A.H. Harris 16 years now, time flies!

Wow so you have been apart of the Harris team for quite some time now, have you always had a career in construction?

I actually have not! Being at Harris has been my first experience with the construction sector. Before that I was working in marketing.

What does “Harris Pride” mean to you?

Giving our customers great service so they will always think to call us first when they need something. I want all of the people who work in Williston to take PRIDE in their work and give 100% effort in all the things that we do!

What is the one thing you want our customers to know?

We will always do anything in our power to help them get their job done in a successful manner.

What is your favorite memory at Harris?

Going to the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, I had a very good time with the people I went with.

Any last words you want to share with our audience?

Thank you and good night.

Who do you nominate for our next “Meet the Team” interview?

Why not interview Nicole Malizia who is part of our purchasing team?

Sounds good! Thanks for all you do, Rob, and happy holidays!



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