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Meet the Team Part 31: Ron Tacey

Here at A.H. Harris we have employees who have been with the company for over 40 years! Ron Tacey, Director of Purchasing, is one of those associates. Ron has been with the company since 1973, which means he has been with Harris for 43 years! Being one of the only members to have worked closely with the Harris family, Ron has been a part of the many changes the company has been through. From acquisitions to technology advances, Ron has experienced many ventures within Harris. Now, let's hear it from Ron! 


What is your role at AH Harris?

Whatever the boss tells me to do [laughs]. My official title these days is Director of Purchasing.

How long have you been with the company?

I have been with Harris 43 years. I came here right out of the University of Connecticut and it is the only adult job I have ever had. In 43 years, I have practically done everything that there is to do. Gone through 2 complete software changes, where the business software has changed, which is 2 times more what anyone should experience.

Tell the audience about your first day at Harris.

I was promptly assigned everything that nobody else wanted to do. Writing rental tickets - the first day I sat down at the desk I got involved with rentals.

Describe Harris in 3 words or phrases.

Family - When I started it was a family owned business it seemed like everyone there was related.

Industry Leader - There is no other organization quite like Harris.

Technical Excellence - Everyone comes to Harris for the answers.

What has been a favorite memory of yours at Harris?

Oh, 43 years is a lot of memories! I think receiving the President’s Award [at the Harris Summit - our annual Vendor Expo and Awards Banquet for all associates and partners], that meant a lot to me. It didn’t cover one specific thing, it covered achievements throughout the years. Very proud moment.

What are some of the biggest changes you have witnessed at Harris?

When I started here, sales orders were written by hand and received by telephone and mail. The productivity has changed immensely. In my 4+ decades of being here not only has the company grown dramatically, but it was only 4 branches when I started - those being, New Britain, Boston, Albany, and Northern Jersey. I have gone through 11 acquisitions. I have to say though that the biggest change in 43 years is how much the company has advanced in technology. Now, you can do your job from anywhere. I remember one day Rod Harris came into the office and said, "I got a computer"! And I had to go from writing ticket orders by hand to teaching myself Excel.

Wow, you have really been a part of many changes within the company! What is one thing you would say to a future employee?

In today's world, working for a company your whole life is almost unheard of. The years with Harris gave me the opportunity to grow, but maintain the stability that allowed us to raise a family. Having a job where you don’t have to relocate, is one of the characteristics that make Harris a great company to work for in my opinion. People like stability. The stability of working at Harris has truly kept my here this long.

It has been a pleasure speaking with you Ron! Thank you for your insights and congratulations on 43 years of service.


We will continue our 'Meet The Team' Interviews series here on our blog. To see more of our people and get to know our unique company culture, head over to social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus. Feedback and comments are encouraged. See you next time!




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