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Meet the Team Part 35: Mike Rice

In part 35 of our 'Meet the Team' series, we got the chance to speak with Mike Rice, an Operations Specialist working out of the West Hartford office. Mike has been with A.H. Harris his entire professional career. He upholds all the values we strive for here at A.H. Harris and makes the best carrot cake! Let's hear it from Mike.


Hi Mike. What is your role at Harris? 

I'm an operations specialist working out of West Hartford traveling across the company to help everyone where I can!

How long have you been with the company? 

I've been with Harris for 6 years (my entire professional career). I started as an estimator while still in school then moved on to rental administration and operations.

What was your first job ever?

My high school and summer job was as stereotypical for a kid as possible, working at a local supermarket. It was another company prided on employee values, not much unlike Harris. As I said above, my first "professional" job was with Harris!

Describe Harris in three words: 

1) need 2) more 3) words. Seriously! There is no way I can start to describe Harris without hours to burn.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Harris so far?

It's very hard to nail down one moment. I love to take pride in everything I do. The feeling of getting a small task done is the same as the biggest as long as I know that I made a positive impact that will be a benefit to everyone involved. 

We love that outlook Mike!

What is something working at Harris has taught you? 

Honesty is the best policy. My parents made it a big deal to raise me to be an honest, truthful person, so this one was not a completely foreign concept to me. I think it's simple, work the way you live, honestly. The respect you are showing everyone else by being honest is something that they will appreciate and never forget. 

Yes! Respect and honesty is something we always strive for here at Harris.

What is your favorite memory at Harris? 

One of the coolest things I got to do was go deep beneath New York City to see how these subway stations and lines are built. Really an unbelievable experience once you're that far underground seeing how massive these job sites are.

Sounds like an amazing experience!

What does Harris Pride mean to you?

Harris Pride is being part of something bigger then yourself. It's everyone on the team working for a common goal. It's a shared mentality that the glory of the team is greater then just one person. I think this pride is really something that sets Harris apart from most other companies.

Anything else about you?

If you want to get me fired up come talk about the New England Revolution/USA soccer with me. Soccer has always been a major part of my life and probably the reason most of you have seen me on crutches at one point or another. I'm getting married in a little under a year so I'm going through all the excitement of planning for the day now! Other then that the only thing worth note is my carrot cake... Im a terrible baker, I mean terrible, but I can make one mean carrot cake.

Thank you Mike! 

We hope you enjoy learning more about our team! Find and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and GooglePlus. Feedback and comments are encouraged as always! #WeAreHarris



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