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Meet The Team Part 73: Jay Desai

In part 73 of our ongoing and ever so popular ‘Meet the Team’ blog series, we introduced Jay Desai! Jay is a valued team member of AH Harris and what our company stands for. Jay is a Technical Team Leader out of our Charlotte, NC branch. Let's hear more from Jay!


Hi Jay! We are excited to learn more about you. What is your role at Harris? 

I am excited to share my story! Here at Harris I am the Technical Group Leader for our South East Region Engineering Team.

What lead you to a career with Harris?

I was working for PERI Formwork in New York as a Design Engineer and joined AH Harris as a Technician in 2008 for our Fairfield, NJ branch. 

What was your first job ever? 

My first job was as Design Engineer in PERI Formwork’s New York Branch.

Describe Harris in three words: 

Dedication, Responsibility & Family.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Harris so far? 

Being able to work on challenging projects for the company. Another accomplishment of mine has to be when I became a Technical Group Leader for the South East Region.

What a great accomplishment! What is something working at Harris has taught you? 

Set your goal high, positive attitude to achieve that goal, also patience & team work.

So far, what has been your favorite memory at Harris?

Mhmm, I can’t think of one particular memory but AH Harris has gave me a lot of good friends and mentor like Jim Manzo and Richard Johnson. I have learned a lot from them.

What does Harris Pride mean to you?

I take pride on what I do here and love my work. A Title doesn’t matter to me, quality and a great team work ethic matters the most and that’s the reflection of AH Harris itself.

You are a true role model, Jay! Anything else about you? 

I am a Hobbyist Photographer and love to travel with family and friends.

You will have to share your photos of Harris equipment with our audience! Thank you for your time, Jay!

Did you know A.H.Harris has been in the construction industry for over 100 years?! If anyone knows construction, it’s us! Don’t hesitate to contact your local Harris branch and talk to one of our many talented associates about all things construction. Have a question or statement? Comment below!



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