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Meet the Team Part 49: Roberta Flanagan

by A.H. Harris

In part 49 of our 'Meet the Team' blog series, we had the opportunity to speak with Roberta Flanagan. Roberta is the branch manager of the A.H. Harris Plainville, MA branch and just recently celebrated 15 years with the company. Let's learn more about Roberta and her role here at A.H. Harris!

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Hi Roberta! We're excited to learn more about you, what is your role at Harris? 

I am the Branch Manager for the A.H. Harris Plainville MA, location.

What lead you to a career with Harris?

After the purchase of the Forming and Shoring from Barker Steel, I was offered a position of Rental admin for our Northern New England area.

What was your first job ever? 

My first job was at a retail store called 'the Fair' at their customer service desk. From there I went to Somerville Lumber as a Customer Service Manager at their distribution center. From there, I went on to work for Barker Steel.

Describe Harris in three words: 

People , Pride, Team Work.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Harris so far? 

Well, I have two. Taking on the role of Branch Manager for Plainville and having our location winning the title of  "Sales Leader of the Year" in 2015. I owe that win to my team, without them it could not have been accomplished.

What is something working at Harris has taught you? 

That there is such a thing as Team - In the past I have worked for companies that did not recognize that it takes a team effort to be successful. I am blessed for the team I have in Plainville.

So far, what has been your favorite memory at Harris?

The welcome I received when I was the new person, the support and encouragement I received and the feeling I was part of the team.

How nice! Thanks for your time, Roberta.

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