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Meet the team series part 22: Rob LeClerc

Episode XXII of our ‘Meet the Team’ leadership spotlights. Today, I got the opportunity to interview Rob Rob LeClerc, nominated by Lou Viscarrondo. Rob is the Forming and Shoring specialist at the Newington branch. On Facebook we run an album called “Faces & Places of AH Harris” and we also feature snapshots of our crew on Instagram. But we want to give some insights into who our company leaders are, what their background is and include some ‘personal touch’ that goes beyond what you would find on LinkedIn. Let’s hear it from Rob!


What is your role at AHHarris?

I am the Forming & Shoring Specialist at the Newington Harris location


How long have you been with the organization?

I will be celebrating 27 years at A.H. Harris in September


Wow, congratulations! Have you always had a career in construction?

Yes, I started work as a draftsman/designer for expansion joints & bearings for bridges


What does “Harris Pride” mean to you?

It means having your co-workers backs in every situation. I also have great pride in knowing that Harris’s ultimate goal is to be there for our contractors in every way possible. If we can help make his job successful then WE will be successful and contractors remember that!


What is the one thing you want our customers to know?

That we are out for his best interest on a project, having what he needs when he needs it and being there with the best advice to save him time & money.


Any last words you want to share with our audience?

Its wonderful to know that everyday no matter what it takes that the “Pride” can handle any situation that arises and that we are all here for each other! It happens practically every week with someone re-routing a truck or shuffling a schedule, pulling extra pieces on a form order last minute and still getting it out on time. I feel a great amount of pride being a part of it.


Who do you nominate for our next “Meet the Team” interview?

The great and powerful Rob Foster!


I will reach our to Rob, thanks you time and thanks for all you do!



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