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Meet the team series part 9: Leadership Spotlight on Clayton Plourde

Episode IX of our series. We want you to get to know our team! On Facebook we run an album called “Faces & Places of AH Harris” and we also feature snapshots of our employees and job sites on our Instagram account. But we want to give some insights into who our company leaders are, too! We want to share what our background is and include some ‘personal touch’ beyond the corporate resumes you find on LinkedIn. We believe an informal interview works best! I meet with our team and will add to the series. Today, we have another gem for you! And if this post doesn't display correctly, chances are we blame him. Meet Clayton!


Good morning sir, why don't you tell me (and our readers) a little bit about what your responsibilities are within the organization?

My primary responsibility as the Director of IT at A.H. Harris is to deliver business applications to our associates at our 40 locations securely from anywhere at anytime. Equally important is that the IT team provides maximum up-time, quick recovery and failover when things don’t go according to plan. Our team also handles the care and feeding of our ERP system, LAN and WAN infrastructures, telephone communications and data center operations.

However, another role I take great pleasure in is being part of our separate 501 (C) 3 company called the Harris Fund. We provide assistance to the associates of A.H. Harris/HarMac that are in financial need. The fund is currently managed by a team of 11 dedicated associates that I’m grateful to be a part of.

Yes, the Harris Fund! We should feature that separately here on the blog [note to self]. How long have you been with Harris, and was that always in IT?

I almost can’t believe that I've been with the company for 14 years as the Director of IT. This sounds like a long time, certainly for an IT person, but I’m still excited to be part of the Harris Pride and surrounded by long term associates that are the best in the business. Time truly flies when you’re having fun! Oh and this is my 2nd time around for the Harris Fund which I served for 3 years previously.

Has the construction industry always been your home or what was your professional past before Harris?

I’m actually new to the construction industry! I worked in manufacturing and specialty printing in a similar role though. Each one had sets of challenges/rewards and supporting a graphics department was pretty cool. I've enjoyed them all, but I like the construction sector best because of the ‘down to earth’ nature of this business.

Speaking of the nature of the business - what does 'Harris Pride' mean to you?

Similar to what Jim said in his interview last week - Harris Pride to me is the real sense of knowing that our associates are the best in the industry. It’s also in how we take care of our own, both publicly and privately. From a region fundraising to support one of their associates to our Harris Fund that provides grants to our associates in need. We’re not the biggest but we ARE the best!

What is one thing you'd want our customers to know?

Simply that we conduct business with honor and integrity. We value partnerships and believe that you can be honest AND successful.

Word! And lastly, do you have a piece of advice for our current or prospective employees?

Don’t lose sight of your humanity and remember what’s truly important. Stay true to your values … no matter what. Take the time to enjoy this very precious and fragile thing called life!

For the prospective employees … what are you waiting for? Fill out our applications and get on board!

Thank you so much Clayton, have a great day.



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