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Project Spotlight: Oceanside Drive Seawall Rehabilitation


           Scituate, Massachusetts is a small seacoast district that has evolved from a summer colony to a residential community. Scituate is a great place for families to live by the water and enjoy all the ocean recreational activities. Unfortunately, bad weather and flooding has caused many people to temporarily leave their seaside homes and reside inland. During major storm events, Scituate’s Oceanside Drive, is heavily flooded and overrun with large cobbles and sand. In recent years, there have been occurrences where first responders have been unable to respond to house fires and other emergencies in the area due to extreme flooding. With roads and parking lots turning into rivers, people began to worry about the structural damage it may cause. 

           In 2015, the state of Massachusetts announced that $10 million in funding will be used to assist the communities and groups in the area in addressing deteriorating dams and refurbishing critical coastal infrastructure, such as Scituate’s seawall. A.H.Harris & Sons was able to reach out to SPS and was fortunate enough to be a part of this coastal rehabilitation project. For this project, we were able to provide water stop, closed cell foam, caulking guns, thread bar, and more. Our signature Harris 1500 Panel Formwork system will also be a big part of this project. The 1500 Clamp system is designed to be the most economical and versatile formwork system, with easy application and steel parts that ensure longevity. This seawall rehabilitation project is more than just a job; it is relief to Scituate communities and a chance to bring back some beauty and stability. 


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