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Safety is Our Middle Name–And Top Priority!

By Kenseal Construction August 3, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reported that 21.4% of worker..

Meet the Team Part 64: Josh Calkins

By A.H. Harris August 1, 2017

Let’s all welcome Josh Calkins in part 64 of our popular ‘Meet the Team’ series! Josh is a part..

Meet the Team Part 63: Adrienne Sisco

By A.H. Harris July 25, 2017

In part 63 of our A.H.Harris ‘Meet the Team’ Blog series, we would like you to meet Adrienne..

Meet the Team Part 62: Morgan Moody

By A.H. Harris July 20, 2017

Today, we introduce Morgan Moody in Part 62 of our popular ‘Meet the Team’ series! Morgan has..

Meet the Team part 61: Aaron Moffett

By A.H. Harris July 13, 2017

Welcome to part 61 of our ‘Meet the Team’ Series! Today we spoke with Aaron Moffett, Account..

5 Scaffolding Options For Residential Construction

By Jessica Kane July 11, 2017

Various types of scaffolding options are utilized for residential construction today. Different..

Meet the Team Part 60: Harry Trevitazzo

By A.H. Harris July 5, 2017

In part 60 of our recognized ‘Meet the Team’ series, we spoke with Harry Trevitazzo, Inside..

Meet the Team Part 59: Keith Varga

By A.H. Harris June 29, 2017

Today we introduce part 59 of our ‘Meet the Team’ series with Keith Varga! Keith is one of our..

5 Tips For Staying Safe on Scaffolding

By Jessica Kane June 27, 2017

The use of scaffolding can be a great way to keep workers safe while working at heights. When..


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