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Meet the Team Part 57: Jose Abreu

By A.H. Harris June 22, 2017

Welcome to part 57 of our favored 'Meet the Team' series with Jose Abreu, Purchasing Team..

Common Construction Site Safety Violations

By Tom Moverman June 20, 2017

Construction work may not receive the same amount of attention as police work and firefighting,..

Meet the Team Part 58: Annemarie Williams

By A.H. Harris June 15, 2017

Today we introduce part 58 of our popular ‘Meet the Team’ Series! Annemarie Williams has been..

Meet the Team Part 56: Kevin Harp

By A.H. Harris June 13, 2017

Welcome to the next episode of our popular 'Meet the Team' interview series! Today we spoke with..

Meet The Team Part 55: Andrew Gegenfurtner

By A.H. Harris June 8, 2017

Welcome to part 55 of our 'Meet the Team' interview series on our blog! This series allows our..

A.H. Harris Branch Spotlight - Allentown, PA

By A.H. Harris June 6, 2017

It's been over a year now that A.H. Harris opened their Allentown/Whitehall branch in..

Meet the Team Part 54: Gerardo Reyes

By A.H. Harris May 31, 2017

Here we are at Part 54 of our 'Meet the Team' interview series. We love learning and sharing..

A.H. Harris Branch Spotlight - Newington, CT

By A.H. Harris May 25, 2017

In the latest edition of our popular branch spotlights series, we get an inside look into our..

Meet the Team Part 53: Jeremy Boulay

By A.H. Harris May 23, 2017

Welcome to part 53 of our 'Meet the Team' series on our blog! We want you to get to know our..

Meet the Team Part 52: Delores Storey

By A.H. Harris May 18, 2017

Welcome to Part 52 of our 'Meet the Team' series. Today we had the chance to talk with Executive..


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