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Harris Partner Profile: MBW Inc.

For over 100 years, A.H. Harris has been fortunate enough to build strong relationships with our vendor partners. We want our construction community to learn more about our vendors and give them an opportunity to share their story. That's why we are running our "Partner Profile" Blog Series. It was five years ago, that A.H.Harris and MBW formed a strong relationship. Let's hear it from MBW!

MBW, a compaction and concrete construction equipment company, began working with A.H. Harris in 2011. A.H. Harris was in MBW’s peripheral vision for decades, recognized to be regional player in the concrete industry, especially so in connection with concrete forms, supplies and consumables. But engine driven construction equipment? Well, not so much. 

It was back then when A.H. Harris Sales Managers Alan Gould and Fred Anton were among the first account managers to attend class at MBW in 2011. Alan and Fred were impressed with the products and services MBW offered and were 'game on' in the A.H. Harris Maine and New Jersey locations. Throughout the years, it was evident that the A.H. Harris team was more than pleased with what As time went on and  Soon other branches began sending account managers to MBW’s school … and it was game on in an increasing number of locations.

A.H. Harris has gone from its first purchase of MBW equipment in 2011 to one of MBW’s largest and fastest growing dealers in the USA. According to Angela Johnson, MBW’s NE Regional Manager for the past three years, “everyone understands that we are only beginning to unlock the true potential of the relationship. As more and more AH Harris Stores increase their comfort level with engine powered equipment, the future looks increasingly bright.”   

"MBW of Slinger, WI, began operations 48 years ago with its introduction of a lower maintenance vibratory plate compactor. Today the Company's product line encompasses a full line of soil compaction products, equipment for mixing, vibrating, screeding, finishing and slipforming of concrete, as well as a number of specialty products for construction applications. All MBW products have been designed and manufactured with one mission in mind: To advance the state of the art in product design while providing reliable and reasonable relationships with its customers."


Connect with MBW! Check their Harris Promo Page and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

"Through my years as an account manager in the construction supply industry I have had the opportunity to sell most of the major brands of small to medium sized equipment to contractors in NJ & NYC. MQ, Stone, Rammax, Wacker to name a few. I loved closing a sale, still do. I also enjoyed the sale of parts after the sale. Good profit source. I had the chance to visit the MBW plant for two days of training. There was hands-on training which is always a great learnng experience. What jumped out the most to me is when we were in the MBW shop and took the equipment apart and compared MBW components to their competitors parts. By viewing the parts side by side you could immediately notice the advantage in MBW’s components.I also came away with a sense of pride in American Made Equipment by the MBW team that truly proud and dedicated to their company, each product they make for their customers and the end users. Our customers. Besides the hospitality Frank and his team extended to us at the training session it was clear that the team of MBW was willing to put their equipment. - A.H. Harris Account Manager, Fred Anton

"MBW impressed me from my first trip to their modern and efficient factory in 2012. The employees are proud of what they produce and all are willing to take the time to help answer any questions customers have.  I know I can pick up the phone at any time and talk to the owner of the company, Frank Multerer, who is the expert when it comes to compaction.  MBW took a chance with A.H. Harris and set up a consignment program to get equipment in our stores, becoming a true partner in allowing us the time needed to get everyone on board selling equipment.  MBW also backed us up with great field reps in Brian DePaul, Jeff Trombley and now Angie Johnson.  All three have been great getting in the field demoing equipment, talking with the customers, and supporting us at trade shows.  In my 21 years with A.H. Harris, the factory training MBW has provided our employees has been the most complete hands on training in the industry. Not only do you get to operate all of the equipment, you get to take it apart, find out why it was designed differently from the competition, and put it back together.  Frank and Bert have built a great product line with a customer support team that rivals much larger companies. It is great to be able to promote a made in America product." - A.H. Harris Account Manager, Alan Gould




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