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Partner Profile: W.R. Meadows

When it comes to Harris Pride, it has alot to do with the strong relationships we share with our long-lasting vendors. Within our over 50 locations, our branches and teams have established connections with various companies that add value to our customers and create business opportunities for our organizations. We want our construction community to learn more about our vendors and give them an opportunity to share their story. That's why we are running our "Partner Profile" Blog Series. Here's the latest Vendor introducing one of their products to our audience: Let's hear it from W.R. Meadows, everyone!

PRECON®, by W. R. MEADOWS®, is a pre-applied/underslab waterproofing membrane. PRECON is used as a blindside membrane in vertical applications where access to the positive side is limited. The membrane can also be used for horizontal applications for underslab waterproofing and vaporproofing.

PRECON provides a waterproof seal between the membrane and poured concrete wall, and boasts the lowest water vapor transmission (WVT) rating on the market. Once concrete is poured against PRECON and the concrete cures, a mechanical bond forms that secures the concrete to the membrane.


In addition to being a stout waterproofing solution, this product also acts as a barrier against termites and reduces methane and radon gas intrusion.

W.R. MEADOWS is happy to call A.H. HARRIS a distribution partner, and we’re grateful for their support in selling and promoting our products in the northeastern United States. PRECON, among other W. R. MEADOWS products, are flourishing in that market due, in large measure, to a solid backing from distribution partners like A. H. HARRIS.

Click here to learn more about PRECON.

 W.R. MEADOWS info:

• W.R. MEADOWS, INC. designs, manufactures, and markets high quality building materials for today’s construction professionals. Products are sold through our authorized distribution network, and we are thrilled that A. H. Harris continues to be a partner.

• W.R. MEADOWS remains committed to producing environmentally friendly products and systems that meet or exceed the latest regulations. From highway construction and repair, building construction and restoration, to waterproofing/vaporproofing/air barrier products and more, we’ve been satisfying the needs of the public and private sector of the building construction industry for over 90 years.


If you are one of A.H. Harris current vendor partners and are interested in a "Partner Profile feature, let us know! Don't forget to follow us on social media and stay current on all things A.H. Harris!




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