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Project Profile: Christian Science Plaza Reflecting Pool

Renovations on the Christian Science Plaza Reflecting Pool are well underway in Boston, MA. The entire plaza encompasses nearly 15 acres and the pool is 686 feet long. Renovations on the reflecting pool will remove barriers that hinder a welcoming and accessible plaza experience for visitors arriving from all major entry points. With upgrades, the new and improved reflecting pool will improve environmental sustainability. Rebuilding the reflecting pool will maintain the existing level of reflectively, provide year-round beauty when pool is empty, and also provide pedestrian accessibility from Huntington by slightly shortening the length.IMG_1377.jpg

AH Harris Account Managers, Tom McCadden, Brandon Clark, and Jason Webb jumped at the opportunity to provide the correct materials for different sectors of this renovation. Being in business for over 100 years and having strong relationships with more than 100 of the industry's top brands, AH Harris has a wide-range of products that our team was able to provide to make this project a success. Working closely with contractors and our trusted vendors, our team was able to provide the following:

 As construction continues, contractors are anticipating to have the project completed in August. We look forward to seeing the final product and are excited to be a part of a great renovation. We will share photos when the project is complete!

At Harris – Construction Supplies we take great pride in finding the best products and solutions for our customers. Our wide-range of knowledge and years of experience, provide us with the expertise to offer the correct resources to make projects successful! 



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