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Technology at AH Harris – Helping the Customer Experience

A.H. Harris IT expert, Dan Popovic give us in inside look at the technological side of our company

As a technologist and a organizational professional I am consistently looking for ways to improve efficiency for the folks that perform our core business functions. For AH Harris, that means our crews and administration. It is important to us that they get the support they deserve to be the most adept, flexible and customer centric team that they can possibly be. Customer satisfaction is paramount at AH Harris and if there is a technological solution that will help us get there, we feel a responsibility to explore it.

In today’s landscape, some businesses are based solely within technology such as “dot com” organizations - while others have very large online profiles (think Walmart’s online shopping or Papa John’s online pizza delivery). With a business like ours, we deal more in physical inventory and face to face customer service along with a level of personalization that our customers have grown to expect from us. Because of this, the need for technology solutions changes a little.

Our goal at Harris IT is to continually work with the employees to get feedback on what they want to see improved, what type of things they would like to have access to, and what business process improvements can be enhanced by technology. For example, we all use our iPhones and iPads for email, games, web surfing, etc – but our teams in the field have been able to run their own mobile offices on these types of devices. This is in no short order due to our IT department collaborating with business stakeholders to really find the most logical solution. It helps the employees provide a service to customers, and we are regularly looking for those opportunities.

Every business utilizes technology to some degree or another at this point in history. At Harris, our IT department will continue a tireless effort to find out what parts of technology will help our business serve our valued customers the best.

Dan Popovic

Dan Popovic is a seasoned IT professional who has held leadership positions at large technology and eCommerce companies including eBay and Microsoft. He holds two masters degrees in Organizational Leadership and Computer Science. He has spent extensive time also working with customer contact and care centers focused around customer centric technology solutions. He also likes playing jazz bass and writing about current events.




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