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7 Eco Materials That Will Revolutionize The Construction Industry

by Grace Wood (

Eco construction aims to achieve high level performance on several targets related to the preservation of energy resources, the fight against climate change, the reduction of waste and pollution, the improvement of indoor air quality, along with the health and well-being of building occupants. Many eco materials have already emerged on the construction market although we are not yet always aware of their existence. Green insulation, recycled waste products, ecological temperature regulators… here is a look into seven construction eco materials that will revolutionize tomorrow's architecture.

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Vernacular Design + Concrete = Sustainability

by Michelle Roberts, CSI
NEW on our blog this Fall: Construction industry leaders & influencers share their ideas, thoughts and insights. First up, our dear friend and construction sector expert Michelle Roberts!

I have had an incredibly exciting journey over the past 11 years being able to work with the dynamic Kim Corwin, CEO, A.H. Harris as well as with some of the most famous building scientists, architects & engineers in the world. Having been involved in helping design building enclosure systems for all types of buildings I became passionate about concrete and its relation to Sustainability, Resiliency & History.
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