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Common Construction Site Safety Violations

By Tom Moverman June 20, 2017

Construction work may not receive the same amount of attention as police work and firefighting,..

What to look for in a building material supplier

By A.H. Harris May 11, 2017

Sure, we are all looking for a good deal, but not always does a great price equal a great..

Latest & Innovative Wearable Technology Keeping Construction Workers Safe

By Tom Moverman May 4, 2017

If you are managing a construction company, you are without a doubt concerned about the safety..

5 Basic Safety Tips for Construction Workers

By Michael Pierce April 4, 2017

There are over 53 million people in North America and Europe who work as construction workers...

Beyond the Gender Divide: the Importance of Embracing Change in the Construction Industry

Just in time for Women in Construction Week, we present another guest blog post from our friends..

Our Teams at World Of Concrete 2017

By A.H. Harris January 27, 2017

World of Concrete celebrated its 43rd anniversary this year with its largest show to date -..

Meet the Team Part 41: Joe Garrett

By A.H. Harris January 19, 2017

Meet Joe Garrett!Harris and Kenseal associates may recognize this familiar face! Joe Garrett was..

Recent Anniversaries

By A.H. Harris November 16, 2016

At A.H. Harris we take great pride in the work ethic and dedication that all associates have. We..

Would you like some MUD with that serving?

By The Mudfather August 25, 2016

The return of Harris Mud-Volleyball teams to Zoar's Pond for the 30th annual Epilepsy Charity..

Meet the Team Part 36: Paul Ferrari

By A.H. Harris August 2, 2016

In part 36 of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we were lucky enough to have the chance to speak with..


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