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Serve Your Best Customers First

by Kimberly Kayler

Building a successful contracting business requires constant mindfulness of each project’s profitability. But have you considered how customer segmentation can affect your bottom line? In today’s environment of lean profit margins, the tried-and-true marketing principle of customer segmentation can reap big results for client retention and company productivity. A guest blog post by Kimberly Kayler, CPSM, President of Constructive Communication, Inc. – the leading marketing communications firm specializing in the concrete industry. 

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Understanding ASTM Symbols & Labels Can Keep Your Feet Safe

by Richard Kallis

The demands that construction jobs put on workers' feet make it essential to have the right pair of boots. While many things need to be taken into consideration when purchasing work boots, none are more important than safety. Learn about labels and symbols to look out for when picking the right work boots in this guest blog post with information from

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Drones: Coming To A Jobsite Near You!

by Kristin Dispenza

Soon, you may use drones to improve everything from jobsite safety to your company’s marketing efforts. Kristin Dispenza, AEC Editorial Manager at Constructive Communication, Inc. - the leading marketing communications firm specializing in the concrete industry - evaluates the opportunities in this Harris guest blog post.

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Fleet Upgrades - Harris Delivers Even Better In 2017

by A.H. Harris

Out with the old, in with new! We are excited to announce some changes to our Harris trucks. Our partner Ryder gave us the opportunity to modernize our fleet of delivery vehicles. As you can see from the picture above, we started replacing existing trucks with Volvo tractors.

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Customer Project Spotlight with Lithko - Cranbury Station Park, NJ

by A.H. Harris

[Guest blog post by Lithko Contracting LLC]

Cranbury Station Park is one of the largest industrial real estate developments in New Jersey. Located on Exit 8A’s last large-block parcels of land, it provides easy access to millions of consumers. Lithko completed the concrete construction on the first 900,000 square foot tilt up distribution center in this park in 2015. Due to the success of this project, Alston Construction selected Lithko to provide the concrete services on the second build to suite distribution center at Cranbury Station. Lithko installed the 36 feet clear foundations, 8 inch thick slab on grade, 10 inch thick insulated tilt up panels, and site concrete paving.

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Harris Partner Profile: MBW Inc.

by A.H. Harris

For over 100 years, A.H. Harris has been fortunate enough to build strong relationships with our vendor partners. We want our construction community to learn more about our vendors and give them an opportunity to share their story. That's why we are running our "Partner Profile" Blog Series. It was five years ago, that A.H.Harris and MBW formed a strong relationship. Let's hear it from MBW!

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7 Eco Materials That Will Revolutionize The Construction Industry

by Grace Wood (

Eco construction aims to achieve high level performance on several targets related to the preservation of energy resources, the fight against climate change, the reduction of waste and pollution, the improvement of indoor air quality, along with the health and well-being of building occupants. Many eco materials have already emerged on the construction market although we are not yet always aware of their existence. Green insulation, recycled waste products, ecological temperature regulators… here is a look into seven construction eco materials that will revolutionize tomorrow's architecture.

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Vernacular Design + Concrete = Sustainability

by Michelle Roberts, CSI
NEW on our blog this Fall: Construction industry leaders & influencers share their ideas, thoughts and insights. First up, our dear friend and construction sector expert Michelle Roberts!

I have had an incredibly exciting journey over the past 11 years being able to work with the dynamic Kim Corwin, CEO, A.H. Harris as well as with some of the most famous building scientists, architects & engineers in the world. Having been involved in helping design building enclosure systems for all types of buildings I became passionate about concrete and its relation to Sustainability, Resiliency & History.
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Partner Profile: TREDS

by A.H. Harris

We continue to shine our spotlight at our vendor partners, large and small. For A.H. Harris, one of our greatest accomplishments as a company is the strong relationships we have built with our vendors over the years. Within our over 50 locations, our branches and teams have established connections with various companies that add value to our customers and create business opportunities for our organizations. We want our construction community to learn more about our vendors and give them an opportunity to share their story. That's why we are running our "Partner Profile" Blog Series.

Today we are excited to have Katherine from Treds tell their story!

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Everyone can buy our building products, not everyone can turn them into art. Meet Concrete Concepts & Designs! (Townsend, MA)

by Tim Beausoleil

[Guest Blog Post by Tim Beausoleil of Townsend, MA based "Concrete Concepts & Designs". Enjoy!]

"Earlier this spring, prior to starting my seventeenth year in the concrete business, I took stock of where my company was, where it has been and where it was going. Unlike any great undertaking in life, it's often not the end result but the journey that defines success. As the owner of Concrete Concepts & Designs in Townsend, Massachusetts, there's been few service providers that have helped me grow my business, complete challenging and innovative projects on-time and under budget like the A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc. In fact, Harris has literally changed the landscape of decorative concrete. In a few short years, the designs and products have made their way into people's homes and the indoor spaces of business around the world. The idea that concrete can look and feel like nearly any traditional floor covering with a much wider choice of colors, textures and finishes is the most exciting concept our industry has seen in a long time.

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