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A.H Harris Graduate & Intern Programs

by Martin Hennig

Our graduate and intern programs are an integral part of our operations. We help young, educated and passionate people taking their first steps into rewarding careers within the industry. From engineers to supply chain managers, data analysts, accountants and people manager, the construction sector has so much more to offer than physical work on jobsites. From day one, our graduates and interns, in both temporary and permanent roles, are a genuine part of our team and treated like family. They gain valuable insights into real world problems and solutions while helping us stay close to our community and new trends (academic, technology related etc.). Many of our ex-graduates are now in leadership positions throughout the organization. Some of our interns start working for us once they finish school/college. They bring fresh ideas to the table and help a century old business stay ahead of the innovation curve. You’ll be excited to hear it’s these next-generation workers who help drive change around here. They work in our engineering teams, estimating, marketing, strategy and operations. Let’s hear it from them!

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