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Common Construction Site Safety Violations

by Tom Moverman

Construction work may not receive the same amount of attention as police work and firefighting, but anyone involved in the industry knows how dangerous the job can be. There are a number of safety violations that OSHA tasks companies with avoiding, but if you're a construction worker, the fact that your company might get fined if you have an accident isn't much comfort. also states that when workers work with power tools, electricity, and from great heights, there is a high chance of being injured. The good news is, you can take your safety into your own hands by watching out for the following safety violations in our latest guest blog post. Read on & Stay Safe!

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National Safety Month Week Two: Be Healthy

by A.H. Harris

 A.H. Harris wants to me sure you're staying as healthy and safe as possible on the jobsite.  Make sure you're providing your body with the necessary nutrients and always wearing the proper safety gear.  

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Staying safe in cold working conditions - Tips for Workers & Companies

by Martin Hennig

Even though it may not quite seem so yet, Winter is certainly on the way and now is the time to get prepared.

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