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Safety is Our Middle Name–And Top Priority!

By Kenseal Construction August 3, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reported that 21.4% of worker..

5 Scaffolding Options For Residential Construction

By Jessica Kane July 11, 2017

Various types of scaffolding options are utilized for residential construction today. Different..

5 Tips For Staying Safe on Scaffolding

By Jessica Kane June 27, 2017

The use of scaffolding can be a great way to keep workers safe while working at heights. When..

Common Construction Site Safety Violations

By Tom Moverman June 20, 2017

Construction work may not receive the same amount of attention as police work and firefighting,..

Latest & Innovative Wearable Technology Keeping Construction Workers Safe

By Tom Moverman May 4, 2017

If you are managing a construction company, you are without a doubt concerned about the safety..

5 Basic Safety Tips for Construction Workers

By Michael Pierce April 4, 2017

There are over 53 million people in North America and Europe who work as construction workers...

Staying Safe on Road Construction Sites: Tips For Workers

By Jordan Duras March 23, 2017

When working on a road construction site, it is easy to get so lost in the work that your safety..

Understanding ASTM Symbols & Labels Can Keep Your Feet Safe

By Richard Kallis December 8, 2016

The demands that construction jobs put on workers' feet make it essential to have the right pair..

National Safety Month Week Two: Be Healthy

By A.H. Harris June 15, 2016

 A.H. Harris wants to me sure you're staying as healthy and safe as possible on the jobsite. ..

National Work Zone Awareness Week April 11-15 2016 - "Don't Be That Driver!"

By Martin Hennig April 11, 2016

The US Department of Transport Federal Highway Administration launched their 2016 National Work..


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