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Meet the Team part 68: Jimmy Hughes

By A.H. Harris August 22, 2017

In part 68 of our ongoing and ever so popular ‘Meet the Team’ blog series, we introduced Jimmy..

Meet the Team part 66: Nick Shorey

By A.H. Harris August 15, 2017

In Part 66 of our ‘Meet the Team’ series we introduce Nick Shorey, Inside Sales Associate out of..

Meet the Team Part 24: Leadership Spotlight on Dave Krevonick

By Liza Wardwell September 22, 2015

XXIV of our ‘Meet the Team’ leadership spotlights. Today, I got the opportunity to interview Dave..

AH Harris Branch managers present: Bargains of the day!

By Martin Hennig July 31, 2014

Have that project on your to-do list, but lag the incentive to get it going? Our stores have..


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