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Meet the Team Part 47: Christina Thomas-Walker

by A.H. Harris

In part 47 of our 'Meet the Team' series we got to know more about Christina Thomas-Walker, a member of the Forming and Shoring Team at our Charlotte, NC location. Christina started as an estimating intern and has gone above and beyond. Let's hear it from Christina!

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Meet the Team Part 46: Liza Wardwell

by A.H. Harris

In Part 46 of the 'Meet the Team' series we chatted with Marketing Manager, Liza Wardwell. Liza has been with Harris for 2 years now and enjoys working closely with the A.H. Harris team on creative projects. Let's hear about Liza's journey with Harris thus far!

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Beyond the Gender Divide: the Importance of Embracing Change in the Construction Industry

by Grace Wood (
Just in time for Women in Construction Week, we present another guest blog post from our friends at MachineryZone. This time their topic is gender diversity - or lack thereof - within our industry. While here at Harris, Kenseal and HarMac we are proud to have many great women in all areas of the organization, that may not be the case across the board for all companies in our business. As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.  
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